an Exceptional Consulting Agency that Grows Without You

Perhaps you can relate to some of these challenges...
  • You’re too busy working IN the business and not ON it.

    You’re feeling the stress of getting pulled into the day-to-day with things that staff just can’t seem to figure out on their own.

  • Your growth is stagnant — and overly dependent on you as the CEO.

    You’ve created a great deal of success, but your mental bandwidth is totally maxed out.

  • You’ve tried everything, and are not sure what’s missing.

    You’ve tried other growth models — what all the experts recommend. But nothing is working just right, and you really want to reach your next level of success.

  • You aren't getting fast growth.

    You don’t want to be the only person in the company responsible for generating it. You want a growth focused team that's accountable, and taking specific actions.

  • You're worried that scaling will bring more stress.

    You’ve seen plenty of examples of successful people who’ve had train wreck personal lives. You have the opportunity to scale the business, but don’t want to at the expense of what’s most important.

You want sustainable, profitable growth requiring less of you.

It doesn't have to be so hard!

Tom Shapiro

We doubled our agency in 7 months.

“Being part of Scale to Freedom helped us double our agency in 7 months. But what was remarkable was that this happened during a very challenging personal time for me. Becoming a Hands-Off CEO has been bliss! I now 100% trust my team."

–Tom Shapiro, Stratabeat, Boston, MA

You need a clear roadmap for profitable, scalable service growth.


You are seeking:

  • A clear action plan so you know exactly where to invest your time and what to do everyday for maximum impact to accelerate growth.
  • Space and time to think strategically to cut down stress, and work on what you’re best at.
  • A strategically focused, accountable team who OWNS IT so you can let go and scale the business without being pulled back in.

What if you could...

Make More, Working Less?

You need to take the right steps, at the right time.

The Hands-Off Growth™ system allows you to...

  • Build a highly profitable multi-7 figure business.

  • Create true wealth, making a bigger impact.

  • A real business (not a stressful job) that allows you freedom to work as little or as much as you want.

  • Have the flexibility to one day cash out and let someone else carry on the legacy.

Double your consulting agency in 12 months or less, as you become a Hands-Off CEO. 

We love to see our clients winning

Added $1.5MM in 12 months, then $100K profit.

“Last year I had gross revenue around $600,000. Working with Mandi this year we reached $2.1 million for the year. So, pretty happy with 3.5X growth.”

"UPDATE: We are now over $3MM in annual sales in 3 years. We acquired a second business, and just added $100k of new profit to the business."

Philip Nickerson,
Aqua Production Systems,
Nova Scotia, NB, Canada

We're now selling six figures retainer packages

"Thanks for everything you guys are doing to grow our business. We closed another deal Friday and are now a little over $44K ahead of all we booked last year (and it’s only March)! So the year has started extremely well with lots of wins.

I’m currently delivering only 40% of the revenue (and our goal this year was to keep it that number at 50% or less). Our new package enables us to sell a higher level retainer package giving us greater cash flow. Now we're even selling retainer packages into the six figures."

Mark Arnold, On the Mark Strategies, Houston, TX

Doubled profits with a fraction of the clients

“In our first year of working with Hands-Off CEO, we developed the Heavy Profit Accelerator Roadmap, which is a turnkey solution for heavy contractors that are trying to automate their construction sites.

We went from offering service to now moving into a growth partnership that is adding millions of dollars of profit for our clients. That's just come from us thinking bigger and showing up differently—traits that were fostered in the Hands-Off CEO environment.”

Jeff Ennis,
Okanagan Survey & Design Ltd.,
BC, Canada


Find time to work ON the business,
without working more hours.


Create rapid growth,
with less reliance on you the CEO.


Uncover hidden profit opportunities
to accelerate sustainable growth.

Make more, work less. Spend more time with your family.

Want to see these kinds of results in your business?

Apply for a complimentary Scalable Growth Session.

More Client Wins...

"We can now handle more growth without the stress and chaos."

I was working 60+ hours per weeks [..] and we were burning through good employees.

I am now working consistently under 40 hours per week. I leave my business whenever I want, to vacation, to spend time with family, and my team keeps things running without me."

Michael Marlow,
Information Systems of Montana

“We've increased profits by 55% over the past year!"

Already landed one client with this new approach. A 5 brand company!

My team loves it! The difference is a concise system they can describe easily that the prospect can understand over one call. No lengthy and confusing discussions. We're easier to understand than our competitors. And now our process is sexy!”

Jamie Birch,
JEB Commerce,
Coeur D'alene, ID

"I make 3.5X more!"

I now have more free time and make three and a half times more for the work that I'm doing. And I'm only working with clients who really are the ideal fit for the service I provide."

Stuart Trier,
Marketing Cheat Guides,
Kingston, On Canada

"New perspective!"

I've learned so much from Mandi and the Scale to Freedom program that I can barely recognize the person and the business I had when I started."

Josh LaMar and Marcelo Chinellato,



How to Scale Your Consulting Agency a Better Way

Scale the Right Growth, Step Away From the Day to Day, and Grow Your Wealth and Your Freedom.