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“I’m a big fan of Mandi’s, so much so that we include her training and require our clients to go through it as part of our programs. Recently we had Mandi speak to a large group of our best clients, and there’s just no doubt…she is a true expert in scaling your business and your freedom. She shared high value content, was very engaging with the group, and made it relevant and actionable. Our clients consistently tell me how critical Mandi’s training and content has been to their success. I’m grateful to have her in my corner!!”

Josh Turner, CEO Linked University


Mandi dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb for our audience. Episode just went live and we are already getting great feedback. This girl knows her stuff and if you have the opportunity to book her it will be so worth it!”

Justin McGill, Co-host Zero to Scale podcast


Mandi was a killer guest on my show… Over the time I have worked with her, I have been constantly impressed by Mandi. She is one of the smartest women I have ever known and is a brilliant efficiency expert. 

Carrie Roldan, Carrie Roldan Show

Do you have an audience that you’d like me to present for?

My specialty is helping successful 6 figure and 7 figure businesses run without the owner so they can own their time, and spend it as they wish. I help companies increase profit AND create more freedom in their life. I’d like to help your audience by sharing with them the systems that my clients use to make their business run profitably without them (instead of a job that runs them).

Based on availability, I am available to speak for relevant audiences in media interviews, podcasts, private groups, and industry associations. Live speaking is available in Los Angeles and Fresno areas. I may consider traveling for larger events.


  • 6 Month Roadmap to have your team run your business without you (even if your offer is custom services).
  • 3 Part process for small businesses to hire the right way and save thousands of dollars in hiring mistakes.
  • How to build a great team that can run the business without you– without hiring expensive industry superstars.
  • How to empower your staff to deliver consistent quality; dangle the right carrot with the 3 top motivators that have nothing to do with money.
  • 5 Steps to a service business that your team can profitably run without you.
  • How to recover 20-40 extra hours per month to grow your business with 1 tweak.


Mandi’s talk on how to regain your time was fantastic. She kept our community engaged throughout her presentation and provided a clear roadmap for each of our members to leave with and take action. It wasn’t just about more info… it was about applying simple principles in real-time to do higher value work, which is what our community is all about.”

Brent Weaver, uGurus


Mandi Ellefson helps owners of marketing agencies, tech services, and consultancies free-up 40 extra hours per month and use that time to keep growing the business. Her clients transform into what she calls a “Hands-Off CEO.”

A Hands-Off CEO leads their company to more ease and profits as they get out of the day-to-day, and carve out more time to grow the business. Their business can generate profits for weeks or months at a time, even when the owner is not there.

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