VIP EVENT: Roadmap to Scale an 8-Figure
Hands-Off CEO Consulting Agency

The Pathway to Scale Your Agency to $100k/mo, then $100k/mo in profit


What You'll Walk Away With:

  • How to generate cash flow spikes to fund future growth. We’ll share the “Power of 1’s Formula” our clients use to double or more project and retainer fees so that you can build the cash flow needed to profitably hire excellent staff.

  • The ‘5 Exits’ to become a Hands-Off CEO and scale a multi-7 or even 8-figure consulting agency. Following this pathway, the company's valuation increases at each stage. Each progessive exit accelerates growth– as the CEO works less.

  • Which leaders you need, at what stage to scale to $100k/mo in sales, then $100k/mo in profits. We’ll discuss attracting leaders that you can trust to safely let go and allow your next level of growth– without more DOing.

  • Hiring and mentoring an Operations Manager to run your business, manage the team, and streamline your business. Our team has hired and trained hundreds of operators. We’ll talk about what that person looks like, and what the business needs in place to retain this person.

  • How to use today’s growth to increase your company's valuation. We’ll look at options to turn your business into a profitable cash-cow that requires little of you so that you have options for how you want to work in the business.


  1. 52 Point Consulting Agency Scalability Assessment” to prepare for the workshop. We will use this to assess your company's growth opportunities. 
  2. Hands-Off CEO Road mapping Session." Mandi will help you expand your vision of what’s possible for your specific situation. Then prioritize your plan and give you feedback on your best next steps.


Date: May 27th at 1p-2:30p MDT. Optional Q&A from 2:30p-3:00p MDT.

Investment: $737 which includes a ticket for you, and a partner or your #2. Plus the 1-1
Roadmapping session with Mandi.

Location: This event will be held live via video conference, so no travel needed. And we are
limiting it to 4-5 CEOs and their partners.


Q: What if I can’t make it? 

A: This is a LIVE workshop where you get custom feedback on your business. If you are not able to come to the live there will not be a replay.

Q: Who is this Workshop right for?

A: This is for agency CEOs who have a permanent team and generate tangible results for their clients. Last year you need to have generated at least 6 figures of sales. And you need to be committed to scale your agency to $100k/mo+. 

Q: What if I don’t like the workshop?

A: If you don’t think it was one of the most valuable mornings you spent all year, then we are happy to give you a full refund. 

"We increased our sales conversion rate at least 20% and brought in 3 solid deals."

“Before working with Hands-Off CEO, we weren’t attracting enough of the right prospects. Working with Mandi and her team, we increased our sales conversion rate at least 20%. We brought in 3 solid deals for more than double our previous rates."

"Everything is now automated, repeatable, and more efficient. We packaged up the same service, for the same kind of client, with the same proposal and same pricing. Our new offer allows us to sell a vision and specific outcome– not a commodity. All of our prospects love our new offer. And we have doubled our monthly income in 3 months, with more profit too. We now have a clear plan to follow, and are confident in the direction to grow the company.”

– Zack Hanebrink and Allen Bayless, Hook Lead, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


“Everything you've shared is the well worn path to actually scale your business. And that's why we've been able to scale [our agency] so fast in a five year period where we have a $40 million run rate with one niche market, with one product, one offer. And because of this structure we've been able to build and scale and even guarantee revenue."

- John Logar, Agency CEO, Consulting unleashed

“One of the most valuable workshops I’ve ever attended! Really fresh approach on risk reversal.”

- Cloris Kylie, MBA, Beyond Influencer Marketing, West Hartford, Connecticut


“This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.”

– Charles Kirkland, Trinity Marketing Agency, St. George, SC


"Must attend for any consulting agency owner who is looking for clarity in terms of scalability, and how to make big profit improvements.”


Samson Consulting Limited, Portishead, Bristol, UK


“I loved the workshop. Through the workshop experience, I was able to see a clear path to at least triple my revenue for each and every month and it isn’t as far off as I had thought. I had quite an aha- moment that I’ll still be able to have the lifestyle of freedom and flexibility that I have created and at the same time have a much bigger impact. This is so exciting. Thank you for the new clarity I have received in only such a short time.

Christine Schlonski, The Queen Of The Sales-Success-Mindset, Berlin, Germany

This is what others have seen following this model...

  • Philip increased revenue from $600k to $2.1M in 12 months.
  • Helped him grow net profits an additional $400,000 for 2019.
  • He's added $3.4M since working together, and is now over $4M per year.
  • The team can run the business without him for weeks.
  • Tom, a successful agency owner with no time to both sell and deliver, doubled sales in 7 months.
  • Business became “bliss and zen.”
  • He now “100% trusts his team” to run the business without him.
  • Tanya added $88k PROFIT in her first session.
  • Then got her weekends back.
  • Then got the company to run for nearly a year 100% without her.
  • Then sold the business.
  • Now the new owner Allison is a client and sold a $120K sale in the first 9 weeks of the program.
  • Brandon cut onboarding service costs by 67% and doubled fees.
  • Doubled revenue in 18 months.
  • Went from working until 1am every day, to now just 10 hours per week.
  • Started another successful company and works less than 40 hours per week total.
  • Jamie completely innovated his service beyond his wildest dreams with a compelling promise that doubled their leads.
  • The whole team has massively upleveled, and the company can run without him for weeks.
  • Attracting in clients that pay over 200% or more.
  • They increased net PROFIT 40% in 9 months.

VIP Event Leaders:


Mandi Ellefson, Hands-Off CEO™ Founder

Mandi is the creator of the Scale to Freedom™ growth framework. She’s helped over 100 consulting agencies create scalable growth programs, commanding 2-10X their average fee. And add hundreds of thousands of dollars of highly profitable growth– while working less.


VIP EVENT: Roadmap to Scale an
8-Figure Hands-Off CEO Consulting Agency



I’m big fan of Mandi’s if you’re thinking about attending the workshop, I highly recommend it.”


Video Marketing Agency Owner


“If you’re an agency owner and don’t already have an offer where you guarantee a certain result—and get great profit from it with every client—Mandi’s workshop is for you.”


Marketing and Conversion Expert

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