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“Last year I had gross revenue around $600,000. Working with Mandi this year we reached $2.1 million for the year. So, pretty happy with 3.5X growth.”

"UPDATE: We are now over $3MM in annual sales in 3 years. We acquired a second business, and just added $100k of new profit to the business."

Philip Nickerson,
Aqua Production Systems,
Nova Scotia, NB, Canada

"I found $87,600 extra profit in my business from just the first session working with Mandi. I immediately found 11 more hours per week."

Tanya Korpi Macleod

“Mandi helped us see that we can reach our goals with the same personnel and resources. With a few changes, we can increase our sales by nearly a million dollars within a year.”

Miguel Varela
Be Global

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