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Mandi Ellefson


Mandi Ellefson transformed her life from battling $175k in debt to amassing a multi-million dollar net worth before hitting 40. As the visionary behind Hands-Off CEO, Mandi isn’t just another success story; she's a lifeline for consulting agency owners drowning in the day-to-day.

Her magic? Transforming million-dollar agencies into scalable enterprises with minimal CEO dependency.

Mandi has propelled hundreds of agencies toward tens of millions in revenue by refining their offers and attracting premium clients willing to pay 50-600% higher fees—all within 90 days.

As a former business exit advisor for Millionaire Exits, with $20B in exits under their belt, she knows a thing or two about creating and executing an exit strategy. Her clients rave about adding five figures to their net profit monthly, skyrocketing sales, and stepping back from daily operations to focus on growth or prepare for sales.

Beyond her transformative consulting work, Mandi is a published author and the host of the Hands-Off CEO Podcast, sharing insights and strategies to triple your fees and profitably scale an exceptional consulting agency that grows without you.

Speaking Topics

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    5 Steps to Scale a World-Class Consulting Agency that Grows Without the Owner
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    How to Hire and Develop an Operations Leader to Run Your Business, So You Can Scale Growth
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    How to Triple Lifetime Value With Less Price Resistance by Attracting 'Profit-Sweet-Spot' Clients

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Based on availability, Mandi is available to speak for media interviews, podcasts, private groups, and industry associations.

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"Mandi Ellefson rates at the very top of the speaking profession! She is well prepared, she is professional, she is super easy to work with and she absolutely delivered on my expectations."

– Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentors


"I'm a big fan of Mandi's, so much so that we include her training and require our clients to go through it as part of our programs. Recently we had Mandi speak to a large group of our best clients, and there's just no doubt... she is a true expert in scaling your business and your freedom. She shared high value content, was very engaging with the group, and made it relevant and actionable. Our clients consistently tell me how critical Mandi's training and content has been to their success. I'm grateful to have her in my corner!!"

– Josh Turner, CEO Linked University & Connect 365

"Mandi is one of the very few who I’ve invited back to speak a second time, and we don’t do that very often. I reserve that for some of the smartest people that I know, and Mandi absolutely fits into that category. She helps CEOs free up 20% to 50% of their workweek to focus on accelerating profits… and actually knows how to do that."

– Steve Gordon, Founder, The Unstoppable CEO™ & Unstoppable.Agency


"Mandi dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb for our audience. Her episode just went live and we are already getting great feedback. This girl knows her stuff and if you have the opportunity to book her it will be so worth it!"

–Justin McGill, Co-host Zero to Scale Podcast

"Mandi's talk was fantastic. She kept our community engaged throughout her presentation and provided a clear roadmap for each of our members to leave with and take action. It wasn't just about more info, it was about applying simple principles in real-time to do higher value work, which is what our community is all about."

- Brent Weaver, CEO at uGurus


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"Mandi was a killer guest on my show. Over the time I have worked with her, I have been constantly impressed by Mandi. She is one of the smartest women I have ever known and is a brilliant efficiency expert.

- Carrie Roldan, Carrie Roldan Show