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Service Innovation – BEING BETTER & The Impact on Profits and Business Valuation – E28

Want bigger profits… Better results from your team… Higher paying clients… ?

YOU must be better.

On the podcast, I’ll share with you 4 ways how you can innovate your service to make it more profitable, and easier to sell too.

100% Responsibility as the Leader

Being a Hands-Off CEO is about 100% responsibility as the leader. Letting go, and delegating ownership is the key to making more, as you work less.

But it comes at a cost: your willingness to BE BETTER! And courageously go where others are too scared to. So that you can create the increased profits and lifestyle that few get to enjoy.

We share 3 case studies where profits dramatically increase, and also how it impacts business valuation and exit value for your service business.


Let us help you Scale to Freedom

We help consulting agency CEOs free up 10 hours per week for strategic growth, command 50-600% higher fees, and unlock millions of dollars of profitable growth.
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