Consulting Agency 2023 Growth Planning Workshop

For 7-figure agency CEOs looking for a better way to scale, and to take home the money they deserve.

Are you ready for aggressive growth in 2023…
without adding more hours to the work week?

If you're brand new or want a small lifestyle business this is NOT for you. 

We will share with you the missing piece to profitably scale agency services that no other service models have. You need a scalable foundation for your team to operationalize your vision that increases cash flow and profits. That's what is needed for CEO freedom and sustainability. 

Here is what we'll cover...

  1. What top-paid agencies are doing right now to enroll premium clients into six-figure engagements – without test projects. 
    Everyone says to raise your prices, but they can't tell you how to do it without hurting sales. We're going to show you how our clients raise their fees 50-600% which adds hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit to their companies. We'll show you how to appeal to your 'profit-sweet-spot clients' who understand your true value and are willing to pay for it so you can stop leaving money on the table.
  2. Find 10 extra hours per week to focus on strategic work in your business.
    How to build capacity for growth and How to get your Ops leaders to run the day-to-day so you can safely step back… Without worrying that results will slip. We'll discuss how to get your team to 'own it' and create a culture of ownership across the company so you feel confident stepping away.
  3. Where to focus to generate the fastest sustainable growth in the least amount of time.
    Growth plan for where to focus in the next 90 days to generate the fastest sustainable growth in the least amount of time. While staying true to your values and personal goals. How to profitably staff up using your existing cash flow so you can scale your agency– without overextending yourself.

THIS IS A LIVE WORKSHOP, where you’ll be sitting down with a group of other 7-figure CEOs to solve the unique problem of scaling a custom-service agency.

During this workshop, we'll guide you to create the right profitable growth without creating a mountain of work for the CEO.

In the Workshop, You Will Also Learn...

  • What top paid agencies are doing to sell year-long retainers for double their fees.
  • How you can command 50-600% higher fees in your consulting agency using the "Power of 1's” Framework.
  • How to raise your prices while at the same time growing your revenue and profits. Plus the 2 factors your clients use to decide what they’ll pay for your agency’s services.
  • The 5 step Scale to Freedom™ system that consulting agencies use to generate sustainable growth. That’s less dependent on the CEO.
  • How to profitably staff-up using your existing cash flow so you can scale your agency– with less stress.

How much could you grow your business if you had 10 extra hours each week?

January 25th, 2023 at 10am - 11:30am Mountain


Q: Is this yet another agency guru spouting entry-level drivel about "scaling"?

A: Over the past 10 years, we have refined a proven framework to scale in a much better way! You won't be able to find this anywhere else. What you'll experience is depth and nuance specific to $7-figure consulting companies and agencies. We make big claims and will back them up with dozens of case studies. No theory, just battle-tested strategies to scale profits and freedom. 

Q: Is there a recording?

A: This is a LIVE agency forum experience where you get customized feedback on your business. If you attend live, you can purchase the recording for $500.

Q: Who is this workshop right for?

A: This is for agency and consultancy CEOs who have a permanent team and generate tangible results for their clients. You should be at or near $1M/year in sales and be fully committed to scaling a lucrative multi-million dollar agency that can run without the CEO. ($500k/yr is fine if you received a private invitation.)


“Everything you've shared is the well worn path to actually scale your business. And that's why we've been able to scale [our agency] so fast in a five year period where we have a $40 million run rate with one niche market, with one product, one offer. And because of this structure, we've been able to build and scale and even guarantee revenue."

- John Logar, Agency CEO, Consulting unleashed


"One of the most valuable workshops I’ve ever attended! Really fresh approach."

- Cloris Kylie, MBA, Beyond Influencer Marketing



"This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended."

- Charles Kirkland, Trinity Marketing Agency


"Must attend for any consulting agency owner who is looking for clarity in terms of scalability, and how to make big profit improvements.”

- Nick Jervis, Samson Consulting Limited


"I loved the workshop. Through the workshop experience, I was able to see a clear path to at least triple my revenue each and every month and it isn’t as far off as I had thought. I had quite an aha- moment that was very powerful for me and I am so pleased to see that I’ll still be able to have the lifestyle of freedom and flexibility that I have created, and at the same time have a much bigger impact. This is so exciting. Thank you for the new clarity I have received in only such a short time."

- Christine Schlonski, The Queen of Sales-Success-Mindset

This is what others have seen following this model...

  • Philip's consulting company increased revenue from $600k to $2.1M in 12 months.
  • Helped him grow net profits an additional $400,000 for 2019.
  • He's added $3.4M since working together, and is now over $4M per year.
  • The team can run the business without him for weeks.
  • Tom was an overloaded agency owner with no time to both sell and deliver, doubled sales in 7 months.
  • Business became “bliss and zen.”
  • He now “100% trusts his team” to run the business without him.
  • Tanya added $88k PROFIT in her first session.
  • Then got her weekends back.
  • Then got the company to run for nearly a year 100% without her.
  • Then sold the business.
  • Now the new owner Allison is a client and sold a $120K sale in the first 9 weeks of the program.
  • Jamie completely innovated his service beyond his wildest dreams with a compelling promise that doubled their leads.
  • The whole team has massively upleveled, and the company can run without him for weeks.
  • Attracting in clients that pay over 200% or more.
  • They increased net PROFIT 40% in 9 months.
  • Brandon cut onboarding service costs by 67% and doubled fees.
  • Doubled revenue in 18 months.
  • Went from working until 1am every day, now to just 10 hours per week.
  • Started another successful company and works less than 40 hours per week total.

About our Founder

Mandi Ellefson is the founder of Hands-Off CEO. She and her team scale million-dollar consulting agencies, with less reliance on the CEO. They help them first generate more profits with an irresistible offer that's easier to sell. And attracts clients that pay 50-600% higher fees– in 90 days or less. Then helps the CEO free up time to focus up to 1/2 of their work week on accelerating profits.