Scale with Increased Quality and Time Left for You!

Dear Service Entrepreneur,

Does it sometimes feel…

  • Like no matter how hard you work, you can’t find time to grow.
  • That you’re stuck working in your business, though you know you have to work on your business to grow.
  • Like you have to work 60-80 hours a week in order to get ahead, or to just keep up with the backlog.
  • That although you run a successful 6 or 7 figure service business, you aren’t making enough for how many hours you work.
  • Like YOU have to be responsible for everything! YOU are the bottleneck because you can’t count on staff to do the work the right way.
  • That burnout may be just around the corner.

If this is you, know that…

No amount of marketing or hiring will grow your business because…
YOU are in the way!

Hi, I’m Mandi Ellefson and I’m known as the world’s premier Service Scalability Strategist. I work with high ticket B2B service businesses who can’t figure out how to their scale business because they’re working all the time. I want to help you…

  • Recover 10 extra hours per week to scale your business
  • Remove yourself as the bottleneck in your business so you can focus on growth opportunities
  • Grow your business in a way where quality increases so you can have infinite growth

If this is sounds good to you, you might like my Scalable Growth Intensive. It’s a zero-risk and pay-only-if-you-get-10X-value kind of deal.

Experience it. Be thrilled. Or…
You pay NOTHING. And I give you $500 if I’ve wasted your time.

(Yes, you read that right. I will refund your investment, and I will pay you $500 if you haven’t received $10,000+ of value in the Scalable Growth Intensive.)

“I found $87,600 extra profit in my business from just the first session working with Mandi from The Hands-Off CEO. I was able to cut some of my workload, and immediately found 11 more hours per week. Now I have more time to keep growing my business and I’m getting my weekends back. The best part is, shortly after starting working with Mandi I took a long trip away from my business and my team never handled it better.”  –Tanya Korpi Macleod, Macleod & Co.

“In just one session I feel like I have made a
quantum leap forward in my business.”
–Douglas Yuen, Efficient WP

Scalable Service Intensive will help you…

  • Find 2-3 Tweaks to recover 10 extra hrs/week to grow your business.
  • Learn exactly what preventing rapid and dramatic growth with my Scalable Service Assessment. That way you can have faster growth, without all the mess!
  • Get a custom plan to remove yourself as the bottleneck in your business growth.
  • Bonus: lifetime access to Find Time NOW!  (This is not for sale anywhere else.)


 You can get my 1-1 attention and I carry the risk

As a savvy successful entrepreneur, you are understandably skeptical. Especially since you are in the thick of it. And it sounds enticing, but impossible. I get it. That’s why I carry all the risk so that it’s really easy for you to get the help you badly need without worrying if you’ve made the right investment.

Why would I take this risk?

It’s not a risk for me. I have a proven process to get outcomes like this for my clients. 

You don’t yet know if you can trust me.  This is an opportunity to get amazing value to move your business forward, and I’ll carry all the risk so it’s easy for you to say yes. 

Ready to move forward? Contact my team and I to schedule your Scalable Growth Intensive.
[email protected]

Talk Soon,




Mandi Ellefson, The Hands-Off CEO