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Quantum Leaps in Your Growth and Letting Go of the ‘How’ Virus – E10

Picture this: Amazing leaders discussing business strategies at a beautiful beach and having fun. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly how last week’s Hands Off CEO retreat went! Mandi and her ‘Scale to Freedom’ tribe talked about what matters most and what they should do to achieve it – let go of the ‘how’ virus to focus on what and why. Today, Mandi shares what it’s like to be a hands-off CEO and how you can be one, too.

  • With all the cogs and gears that move in your business, it’s easy to get lost trying to keep track of every single what, why, who, when, and how. But as a CEO, your main function is to focus on the two most important questions: what and why. Now, we don’t doubt that you can probably answer most of the important questions, but doing everything by yourself isn’t an efficient use of your time. You’ve got to use your vantage point to future-proof your business. You’ve got to learn to delegate.
  • Mandi explains how being a hands-off CEO is much like driving a car. You don’t drive your car forward by relying on what you see in your rearview mirror, right? Your rearview mirror won’t give you as much foresight as what you see in front of you. To get to where you need to be, you’ve got to keep your eyes on the road, and occasionally check on your side and rear view mirrors. Remember: A CEO has a good sense of what went on in the past, what’s going on in the present, but above all else, focuses on what needs to be achieved in the future.
  • You’ve got the what and the why covered, but you still need answers to how. It’s probably not a coincidence that you spell ‘how’ with the same letters you need to spell ‘who.’ So who will handle ‘how?’ Your team, of course! You can’t possibly succeed in business without delegating tasks to your team. Have some faith in their skills, empower them, and let them help you drive the business forward – let them answer ‘how.’
  • How do you lead your team to answer ‘how?’ Mandi says leaders should set their vision in a way that the goal is clear. Your team should understand what the goal is like as if it’s already been done. Then, after setting the vision, ask the questions that will lead to fulfilling the vision, and you need to ask as if it’s already been done, like in the art of negotiation. You don’t ask yes or no questions; instead, ask probing questions and think of beneficial solutions. To keep track of these insightful questions, it’s best to log them in a journal.
  • Journaling helps you pace these questions to fit your action steps. Putting your thoughts into writing also allows your brain to think more effectively. You’ll get more clarity and gain the inspiration to act on it. This also helps you accomplish the following: gauge the problems you can solve on your own, identify problems you’ll need a mentor’s help with, and narrow down tasks that can be delegated to your team.
  • To sum it up, CEOs expand what’s possible by focusing on their key questions: what and why. The ‘how’ virus is what’s keeping you from seeing the big picture. Let your team help with how, so you can guide them towards realizing the grand vision. When you let go of ‘how,’ your brain bandwidth gets lighter and you become an even more effective leader. When you’re an effective leader, you set your team up for success. When your team succeeds, you succeed and your business does too.

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