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Growth, Value, and Mindsets with Aaron Krall – E61

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Aaron Krall, founder of SaaS Visionaries and the SaaS Accelerator,  a proven system that adds $500,000 of revenue to SaaS companies in just 12 months. He has also gone through Hands-Off CEO’s Scale to Freedom program.

You’ll hear Mandi and Aaron talk about:

  1. “It’s a really specific program we’ve designed,” Aaron says.  “We come in, and we rehaul everything.” He briefly lists the four major levels of SaaS growth that his company ensures, which are market positioning, automating the sales process, increasing customer value, and filling the funnel. [2:12]
  2. “I originally positioned myself as an onboarding expert… when I went in to do these onboarding projects with clients, what I found was that we would do the onboarding and it would look amazing, but it wouldn’t have an impact on their growth.” Aaron discovered it was due to internal problems he hadn’t solved. He shares how he changed his approach, and the results that followed. [5:30]
  3. “When I changed my beliefs around [me doing] everything and [hiring] people who deliver a better result than I could deliver, [I realized] that means I could charge more.” Aaron talks about delegating tasks. “The director of a movie only has one role, and that’s to direct.” [14:59]
  4. “And now, because of the mindset shifts and the experiences that I’ve had in the program and other things, I realized that I’m probably not charging enough.” Aaron’s self-confidence suffered from working with the wrong clients, which influenced his views towards the value of his service. “Now, I feel like it’s not only worth it, but it’s a bargain for these guys.” He talks about increasing the price of his “world-class services.” [18:56]
  5. “There are certain processes I went through that broke a lot of the false beliefs I had.” Writing and visualizing his future helped Aaron expand his mind and change his life. He explains how. [25:13]



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