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How to Drive Rapid Hands-off Growth – E88

I share how leaders can drive rapid growth in their company beyond themselves in this solo episode of Hands-Off CEO.


You’ll hear me talk about:

  • Convincing someone to do something: they have to want to do it, and money isn’t the most reliable incentive. [1:32]
  • The food chain of passion. “If you don’t have a lot of passion, then neither will your team.” [3:43]
  • The secret to growing your company beyond you. “What is the bigger reason for why you’re scaling? What is the impact that you could potentially be making in the world?” [5:27]
  • How an inspired team affects performance and engagement. “I am here because I love [the company], I’m inspired by it, I’m excited, and I don’t feel like I’m working.” [7:29]



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