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Q4 Is the Buying Season – E87

What do you need to put in place to generate cash flow? Are you ready to hire the right people to support your growth? Mandi Ellefson discusses how to take advantage of the buying season to increase business growth. She advises CEOs to get out from under day-to-day operations, freeing up time for more strategic planning.

Key Ideas:

  1. Quarter 4 is when your clients and prospects are pulling out their budgets, Mandi says, and thinking about what they can do differently in the upcoming year. “Most consulting agencies are too busy to take full advantage of this buying season,” she claims. “They’re very reactive during this time… meanwhile your proactive competitors are reaching out to all [your] prospects.” [1:07]
  2. Your job as the CEO is to proactively look ahead for ways to grow the business. If you’re too busy running it, you won’t have time to grow it. [2:39]
  3. Hands-Off CEO helped a client create an irresistible offer for the most profitable clients in their business within 90 days. Their sales conversions went through the roof, allowing them to tap into their existing network and even some of their existing clients. Now, they’re able to bring in clients at $20,000 a month. All this came from the CEO having the time and focus to go after business, knowing and trusting that his team could follow through. [3:23]
  4. According to Mandi, getting out of account and project management frees up about 20 hours per week, depending on the size of the company and how involved the CEO already is in the day to day of them. [6:29]
  5. You need to ensure that you actually have the financial foundation in your company so that your profitability increases as you scale. [8:26]


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