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3 Ways You Can Fail with Hiring an Operations Manager – E71

In this week’s solo episode of Hands-Off CEO, Mandi Ellefson describes what to look for when hiring an operations manager, and the three ways you can fail.

You’ll hear Mandi talk about:

  1. Before you even hire an operations manager, your company has to be ready for it, Mandi says. “Your company has to be at a place where you know what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and the foundations of the business.” [2:15]
  2. Mandi shares the importance of attracting a top performer. [3:43]
  3. “One of the best ways you can attract better talent is by becoming a better leader.” If you’re a level six CEO, you’re only going to be able to attract a level five operations manager – no one beyond that will want to come into your company. [5:33]
  4. If you’re not clear on the what and the why that drive your company, you’ll face difficulty getting the who you want. When you gain clarity on those things, including how you service your clients, you can use it as a screening process in finding the perfect candidate. [8:11]
  5. The challenge with having an experienced operations manager is that they will be used to working in larger companies with more resources, which may actually make them useless in your company. [10:49]



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