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5 Expectations for Your Operations Manager – E70

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Zac Stucki, founder of Homeric Consulting Services and the Operations Advisor at Hands-Off CEO. Zac’s specialization is scaling service-based companies and dealing with the operational constraints and challenges of fast-growing organizations. His education and training are an asset to the Hands-Off CEO tribe, bringing their operations advising to a whole new level.

You’ll hear Mandi and Zac talk about:

  1. “If you aren’t doing the right things in the right order, it can screw things up… The thing that makes businesses work is working together toward a common end.” Zac and Mandi underline the importance of building a business in sequential order. [3:54]
  2. In delegating to an operations manager, you are giving them ownership and ability to run your company and oversee all of the service delivery. [5:30]
  3. The mantra at Hands-Off CEO is bring solutions, not problems. “[We bring solutions to] the problems surrounding the implementation of the vision,” Zac clarifies, “so they’re not actively out there looking for every potential problem that you could have, because that’s an exhausting job that will demoralize anyone.” [11:03]
  4. Effective operations managers are the ones championing the creation and innovation that frees up the CEO. Zac shares the biggest difference between operation managers with the ability to run the business and ones who never move upward. [15:49]
  5. High performing teams readily share tasks and responsibilities among themselves, Zac says. “If [someone] gets a task outside [their] strength but [inside their teammate’s], they can go to [them] and say ‘Hey, what do you recommend?’” [26:07]



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