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Ultimate Comeback Story – Leading Expansive Growth in Uncertain Times with Jamie Birch – E62

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Jamie Birch, CEO and Chief Incremental Officer at JEBCommerce, an organization that helps retainers maximize their affiliate sales. He has extensive experience in all facets of online marketing. This has enabled Jamie to thrive and become a market leader in these unprecedented times. Jamie and his team help clients grow their revenue and gain an additional $10M in sales in 3 years. He is the host of The Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast, where he talks to industry experts and shares insights to assist listeners. 

You’ll hear Mandi and Jamie talk about:

  1. “Stepping back and allowing my team to solve the problems was one of the biggest steps in my leadership evolution.” Jamie sometimes takes weeks off of the business, which allows his executive team to step up and strengthen their skills as they take over whole parts of the business. [4:26]
  2. Mandi and Jamie discuss staying true to vision. [10:35]
  3. “You have this problem; there’s going to be seven more tomorrow and there are two more waiting for you right now. Work this problem, then work the next, and remove the emotions of ‘This shouldn’t be happening.’” Jamie shares the three client reactions to the pandemic that he observed. [20:50]
  4. “Young people are getting their first and second jobs using Spotify as a search engine.” Jamie explains how. [35:02]
  5. Mandi shares why Jamie is the perfect embodiment of a Hands-Off CEO. “You get your business sustainable, and you look at how to scale, how to keep that consistent cash flow, how to create these amazing careers where people want to be, how to build this culture so that you have people that are fighting for your vision.”  [44:37]



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