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Ep 60

How to Profitably Hire and Train a Great Assistant to Scale Your Consulting Agency with Tim Francis – E60

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Tim Francis, founder of ProfitFactory.com and Great Assistant, two organizations dedicated to making the entrepreneurial journey easier. After noticing that entrepreneurs desperately needed support in running a business, Tim started Great Assistant to help them hire an assistant, retain them for years, and make them really profitable. 


You’ll hear Mandi and Tim talk about:

  1. Tim shares three strategies for more effective delegation. “Do not use email when it comes to delegating to anybody in your internal team, including your assistant; email’s a wasteland of distraction. Use Loom, a free tool you can use in your browser, to screen record and narrate what you want done. And finally, hire an assistant that fits you properly. ” [1:16]
  2. Tim and Mandi explore how teams can work effectively in different time zones. [9:29]
  3. “There’s such a thing as being too early, the timing being wrong, and a lack of a path to profitability. Once those three things are in place, you should be going forward with getting an assistant.” Tim explains why you can’t afford to not have an assistant, and when the right time is to hire one. [21:52]
  4. “It creates this open space for me to create, and that’s when these amazing ideas come; you can’t do that if you’re so busy in the minutia.” Hiring an assistant not only saves you time, but it also saves you energy. Tim describes how. [32:17]
  5. “We’re helping coach you and prepare your work, while finding assistance candidates and bringing you three finalists.” Tim talks about the services Great Assistant provides for its clients. [47:23]



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