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Charge More as Clients See You as a Strategic Growth Partner with John Jantsch – E103

Are you ready to take your marketing strategy to new heights? We have a treat for you! Our latest podcast episode features the  marketing expert, author, and speaker John Jantsch, owner of Duct Tape Marketing. Get ready to fuel your success with these game-changing insights!

In today’s fast-paced world, time is everything, and we understand that. That’s why we’ve condensed the best highlights from our conversation with John, ensuring you get the most valuable information without wasting a second. Let’s dive right into it!


  • The Duct Tape Marketing Methodology and Licensing Program [02:15]:

Say goodbye to random tactics and hello to strategic genius! John unveils the game-changing Duct Tape Marketing methodology, putting strategy front and center. 

  • The Fractional CMO System [07:38]:

Ready to conquer the challenge of scaling your business without sacrificing profitability? Say hello to working with multiple clients while maintaining a stellar profit margin of 60-70%. By offering a well-defined package, pricing structure, and system, you can achieve scalability, delegate tasks, and drive vertical growth.

  • The Changing Landscape of Marketing and the Importance of the Customer Journey [14:26]:

The marketing world is in a constant state of flux, and you need to stay one step ahead. John and I dig deep into the changing landscape of marketing and emphasize the importance of the customer journey.


Key Quotes:

  • The Evolution of Marketing: “The thing that’s changed the most that I don’t think people pay enough attention to is the way people buy. That’s why I spend so much time talking about the customer journey.”
  • Scaling Your Agency: “By having this repeatable system that you can actually train and delegate and quite frankly, get work done that doesn’t have to be done by you anymore. Is how you actually effectively scale vertically, which is what people are trying to do, but struggle with so much.”


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