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Building an Agency with a Purpose with Karen Hite – E80

Committing to a bigger purpose than profit is a surefire way to build a strong company; one that can withstand even a pandemic. Mandi’s guest in this episode of Hands-Off CEO is Karen Hite, Director of Operations at Digital Agency Hacker and co-founder of Hite Digital. Karen will explore why having a grand vision, passion and purpose leads to long term success.

You’ll hear Mandi and Karen talk about:

  1. Karen had a big vision of supporting people in her home country and generating over 1000 jobs through her agency. This is one reason why her company has been so successful. “We focus everything back to what our infinite purpose is… [generating] these little islands of happiness, and [creating] the best possible job to have and a culture that empowers people.” [1:42]
  2. You will always have an obstacle to face, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, anything can throw you off. Having a clear vision paves the path forward for your business. [5:44]
  3. The pandemic brought lots of companies to their knees, forcing them to cut salaries and layoff employees. Hite Digital’s exceptional foundation allowed them to escape this fate. It was a hectic time, but they all stayed sane because they understood and trusted in the commitment of the leaders. [10:08]
  4. Your legacy isn’t found in your wealth, but in the impact you make. What you do with the opportunities you are given will outlast you and leave your footprint behind. [18:25]
  5. Learn from other people’s failures and share yours; this is one of the best ways to grow. Take lessons from the proven processes that other people have developed over decades of trial and error. [23:40]


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