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How to Sell Larger Retainers while Overcoming the 4 Top Scalability Challenges for Agencies using Retainers – E37

A lot of agencies love having retainers – they are the Holy Grail. Having clients on long-term retainers, consistently paying you month-after-month gives you a strong, consistent cash flow so you can scale your business from that.

But a lot of clients are resistant to purchasing high-ticket, year-long retainers. Why?

It can be very challenging to get to the point where clients are going to commit at this level, and it can take months or even years of testing with small projects to be able to build that trust with them.

There are four big challenges to gaining these long-term retainers, and I share how you can overcome them so you can set your business up to grow.

Listen in to find out:

  • The values driven by hours billed
  • Another layer of the sales cycle (so you have to sell your client multiple times)
  • The best possible results oftentimes don’t happen with a small tester projects
  • Working up to a retainer with smaller test projects actually keeps you, as a CEO, stuck working in the business instead of on it

Final thoughts

If you’re an agency struggling with getting these high-ticket, long-term retainers, take action now to avoid getting stuck in the crazy cycle of chasing clients with small projects.

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