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How to Guarantee Results for Your Clients – E46


How much could you grow if you could guarantee results for your clients? Because many custom service providers only market their clients’ successes and aren’t honest about the rest, there are a lot of burned clients. And ethical providers tend to be less forward because they’re nervous about over-promising and under-delivering. You can stand out in the crowd by embracing integrity. Then you don’t have to SAY you’re better; you ARE better.

Your website

  • Websites in this industry all look the same. Why? For some people, it’s a fear of being different and standing out. For others, it’s a fear of not being taken seriously. In any case, it’s like everybody is designing the same website.
  • Mandi’s advice to help you stand out? Concentrate on copy, not design. Good copy will beat good design any day of the week. All of these websites are talking about their expertise and the solutions they provide. What you should do instead is shift away from yourself and start talking about your clients’ specific problems. Get inside their heads, communicate that you understand what kind of challenges keep them up at night. Only after you’ve talked about their problems do they care about your solution.
  • Be different, be bold, and don’t be afraid to make a big claim.

Making big claims

  • A lot of people are afraid to make big claims out of a place of integrity. And while that’s appreciated, the business truth is you are competing against other people who suck, but are willing to make these claims. These people who suck can win business over you.
  • What if you were making claims that you could actually back up? If the fear is that you can’t guarantee results for every client, maybe you shouldn’t be working with the kinds of clients you can’t create results for. What if you only worked with the top 20% of clients who get the very best results? Get enough leads coming in and you can say no to everyone except the best.
  • This shifts the conversation into a sales one, and makes marketing a lot easier. Approach it as, “This is not for everybody, but maybe it’s for you. Maybe we should have a conversation about it, would you be interested in that?” And then it’s a matter of qualifying whether or not you can help them. At that point, sales become very easy.

Your hook

  • What you want to be doing is solving one problem for one potential type of client, with one customized solution. That’s your hook. How do you find this out? If you have a good body of work to draw from, take a look at your data. What kind of work do you do that produces the best results? Another way is to take a look at your top 20% clients and try to understand what made them successful. What did they have in place? What made it work so well?Only work with the type of clients that you can provide the maximum amount of value for. This is what’s going to allow you to double, triple, quadruple, even 10x your fees.
  • Standardizing will bring in profits, but lower the value for the client. Customized services are high in value, but will keep pulling you back in. How do you strike a balance and find the sweet spot between a standardized and customized offer? Mandi shares how, so you can build a framework to get your team running this service, and scale your business.

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