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How Shifting From Freelance To CEO Added $1M Of Growth To This Startup Consultancy – E43

Mindset is everything!

Their mindset contributed to a million dollars of extra growth in their company even in the midst of the global pandemic last year. Josh LaMar and Marcelo Chinellato, the co-founders of Authentique UX, share how their mindset helped them scale their business in the middle of a crisis. Some of their clients actually started to cancel, but they were able to bounce back because of the unique way they approach their business.

Listen in to find out:

  • How they started growing the company as the pandemic started happening at the same time
  • How they were able to quickly scale their business from freelancers to a seven figure company
  • How their mindset helped them grow their company

Final thoughts

True to their company name, Authentique UX is really authentic and unique. Being committed to your vision and to the people who build your workforce helps you grow as a company, and you as a leader of the pack. And true enough, mindset is everything. In the middle of everything the world throws at you, as long as you’ve got the perfect mindset, your business will not just survive, nor thrive – it will grow more than you expected!

If you’re wondering how this can work for your business, join our Executive Briefing every Wednesday. In a small group environment, we discuss what’s working to scale growth in agencies right now and how this model might fit your business.

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