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Epic Burnout: How to Deal With, Overcome, and Prevent Burnout – E5

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’ve dealt with burnout to varying degrees. But how do you overcome the type of crippling burnout that makes you question why you bother owning a business in the first place? In today’s show, Mandi shares her own story of epic burnout, and what she learned can help you identify and deal with burnout before it takes you out of commission. In fact, you can take the problems that lead to burnout and turn them into profit for your business.

  • Mandi shares a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the most difficult time in her life and business. Not only did she have a 4-year-old and was 8 months pregnant with another, but her husband was in medical grad school and she had to hold down the fort. Mandi’s business was growing, which was great, but her contractors flaked out on her. And her clients wouldn’t get her what she needed to do the job. Long story short? It didn’t end well, but it was also the start of something new. In retrospect, it was a gift.
  • When you reach the point of burnout that Mandi experienced, it’s important to reflect on what the ‘gift’ of the situation was. What can you learn from it? She shares what she learned that led to one of the biggest breakthroughs that allowed her to succeed so brilliantly with Hands-Off CEO. Mandi learned that she needed to provide more value, not more work, to her clients. Not only did it allow her to manage the work better; it provided her with a deeper sense of purpose in what she was doing.
  • Mandi took the lessons she learned to heart, so much so that she was able to use them to help others who were in similar situations, trying to scale a successful custom service business. She shares the inspiring story of one of her clients who dealt with a tragic loss that could have cost her the business.
  • What are the root causes behind burnout? First and foremost: an unbalanced output for what you put in. Effort versus return. There’s a simple solution for this: increase your take-home profit for the amount of time you actually work. Easier said than done, right? Mandi shares some tips and tricks for how you can do it successfully: deliver more value and deliver it more efficiently.
  • Another cause of burnout is operating in the exhaustion zone for too long or scaling beyond your capacity. Mandi explains two very important concepts: the ‘sweat’ zone and the ‘stress’ zone. Which zone are you operating in right now? How do you know the difference? What can you do to fix it? Mandi also shares some of the biggest mistakes business owners make when hiring staff to help manage growth.
  • Your growth should come at the expense of your clients. As you are constantly pushing the boundaries of your ‘sweat’ zone, you are also delivering better results for your clients as you increase your capacity. Mandi sums up the process nicely to help you keep your growth steady, your systems efficient, your profit increasing, and your sanity intact.

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