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Building a Freedom-Based Business with Natalie Sisson – E11

Is your business enriching your life and the lives of those around you? Or has it commandeered your time and hijacked your passion? If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to the latter, then Mandi and her guest have a freedom-based solution for you. Joining us today is the founder of Suitcase Entrepreneur and the author of “The Freedom Plan,” Natalie Sisson. Natalie describes her journey from Marketing Executive to successful entrepreneur and tells us what it takes to build a freedom-based business.

  • Natalie Sisson was your typical corporate executive. She rocked the corporate jungle, had a huge paycheck, and worked way too many days in a row. Despite her successful career, she felt miserable and depressed. Now, a lot of people might reason that they are successful so their feelings aren’t valid, but that answer wasn’t enough for Natalie. Full of ideas and hope, she bought a one-way ticket to Vancouver, Canada, and set off for what she felt would be her greatest adventure.
  • Looking back at how far she’s come, Natalie shares how a lack of planning led her to become laser-focused on success. Without a backup plan or a safety net, she had to be exceptionally disciplined and intentional to create opportunities for herself to change her life. She invested in herself and her skills, and attended a lot of networking events where she met her eventual business partner. In 18 months, she had gone from traditional corporate executive to an ‘unemployed bum’ (who was great at marketing), before finding her fire as an entrepreneur. Which goes to show that sometimes all it takes to propel you towards your true calling is to hit rock bottom.
  • On the business side, Mandi asks Natalie to explain what makes freedom-based business different from the traditional corporate setting. Natalie shares that freedom-based businesses have 2 key pillars: vision and mindset. An entrepreneur’s vision works as their map to achieve their goal, while their mindset is like their fuel. Entrepreneurs who want a freedom-based business must have a clear understanding of the why, what, who, and how. Why are they doing what they do? Who will help them achieve their goals and how can they make that a reality? Your business should support your lifestyle, instead of holding you back from living your life to the fullest.
  • The thing about being a leader is that you’re often faced with people trying to win and hold your attention. Helping others, as noble as it sounds, shouldn’t be at your expense. Natalie talks about how she steers clear of people who distract her from her goals, and why she values boundaries.
  • What’s the most important component in the creation of a freedom-based business? Energizing morning routines. Natalie knows that discipline leads to freedom. Being intentional creates a momentum that either sustains or even scales your business. Natalie and Mandi dive deep into how your power hour first thing in the morning can ground you with accountability and self-reflection.
  • Beyond the best practices, what should a freedom-based CEO avoid? To start: don’t hold onto everything with a closed fist. It’s understandable how invested you are in your business – it really can feel like your child. But just as it’s healthy to eventually and gradually let go of your child, you must do the same for your business through delegation. Natalie and Mandi discuss why it’s critical to understand your business model and learn to effectively delegate.
  • Today’s conversation proves that profit, notoriety, and fame don’t equate to a fulfilling life. It’s about time we realize that our lives are a finite resource and it should be spent on those we value the most. At the end of the day, your life is best lived when you’ve built the right relationships, found your purpose, and relish the present. Don’t wait to live your life. Now is all we have.

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