EXECUTIVE BRIEFING - $100K A Month and Beyond

How To Double Your Fees, Step Back From The Day To Day, and Grow Your Consultancy Fast.

Build a multimillion dollar Hands-Off CEO business that can run and grow with less reliance on you as the CEO.

  • Discover the steps to empower the right people to take your vision and run with it so you don’t have to carry it alone.
  • Learn how to call in higher quality clients who will pay 2-4X higher fees.

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Who Are We?

About Mandi

Mandi Ellefson is the Founder of Hands-Off CEO. Over the years, she has tested and refined the Scale to Freedom™ growth framework to double (or more) consulting retainers and scale agencies to $100k/mo of sales. Then to $100k/mo of profits. Accelerating growth, without the CEO being the only person driving the growth. She is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has helped consulting agencies increase cash flow, equity, and even sell their business.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Eckhardt spent a decade as a Fractional COO before becoming  a partner and  Program Director at Hands-Off CEO. During that time, she owned several companies, and ran the operations for over 100 companies. She now supports our Executive Teams to create order from chaos. And install the infrastructure to increase quality while accelerating sustainable growth through team ownership and execution. She also recruits and develops top C-suite Executive talent, serving on the board of prestigious organizations.