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Why the E-myth won’t work for your service business and what to do instead…

Gotta love the E-myth, right? It is probably one of the best-known business books out there. And one of the most useful.

But guess what, it just might not work that well for your service business. And maybe you have even found that to be the case.

You have tried to standardize your processes and the way you deliver your service. But…

You can’t ever seem to get to the working ON your business part of it.

One reason is time. You just don’t have enough of it.

But the other reason is that the way we have been trained to go about it is totally flawed. Most experts are saying that you have to first go through the fire. Build it all yourself. Then emerge on the other side with your dream business in tract.

Sorry, but it is all wrong. Wrong and painfully slow.

Why this doesn’t work is that you probably will never get to the other side of the fire.

You don’t want to miss seeing your kids grow up. You don’t want your marriage to go to hell. And maybe you actually want a life outside your business.

I see too many successful businesses bow out because there is no way out.

And the core reason is that you are doing it all yourself. Yes, you need to
actually build that dream business. But you need not be burdened building
it all yourself.

You build that business asset WITH your staff. Not before it. Not alone.

You don’t need all your ducks in a row first. In fact, it’s better if you
start from exactly where you’re at.

Then you can leverage your staff to do the building for you.

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