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Uncover Your “X-Factor,” Deliver More Value, and Dramatically Increase Your Fees

Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte from Leap Zone Strategies knows a thing or two about running a Hands-Off business. Isabelle is a best-selling author and soon to be TED speaker (she tells us a bit about the very interesting topic too).

She has built successful business since a teenager, and preaches the sermon our adding more value to stand-out, charge more and be a force to reckon with in your industry.

Here is what you will learn from this short interview:

  • The steps to double your pricing
  • How can someone nail down their competitive edge? (Money-Making Edge)
  • What it takes for a client to choose your product or service…regardless of price?
  • Why a clear brand is critical to delegating and becoming a HANDS-OFF CEO, and how it will help increase quality in service delivery.
  • How to find what Isabelle calls your “X-Factor” and uncover opportunities in your industry to stand out, and deliver more value, and dramatically increase your fees.
  • How a security company innovated to become top in their industry with a brand promise that their competitors couldn’t even come close to meeting.

Check out Isabelle here:

Twitter: @LeapZone, #BuildToRock
Facebook: BuildToRock
Small Business Owner Differentiating Program:

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