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Muscling up vs. scaling smart – don’t burn out before reaching the top

Muscling up vs. scaling smart – don’t burn out before reaching the top

Novice rock climbers, especially young strong guys, will muscle up a rock face using mostly their arms. While I admire this ability because I do not have that kind of upper body strength, it’s a short-sighted approach.

Party up the slab, he’ll fatigue his arm muscles. But if he uses the larger muscle group in the legs, he can sustain much longer, and with much less effort.

I don’t climb as much anymore but, I learned to step higher with my feet, and have my arms follow. Using your giant quadriceps muscles to do 90% of the work, is the smarter way to climb.

I run into business owners all the time, who despite saying they want the smarter way, insist on continuing to ‘muscle up the rock with their biceps.’ The reason???

**Their WHY is not big enough.**

Many say that becoming a Hands-Off in their business is their ultimate goal. But their actions say otherwise. You’ve got to be willing to let go to make this shift. To learn how to empower other leaders on your team.

Your WHY must be big enough to have the discipline to say NO to the distractions that keep pulling you back into the day-to-day.

When your WHY is so big, working smarter is the only option you’ll consider. Otherwise, you burn out before you reach the top. And you take along every person in your life who depends on you.

If you’re finding yourself putting out too much fires, maybe we should talk.  If you just can’t get your team to function without you, and you’re finding yourself hiring and firing, we should talk. If you’re already working more than you want,  and your business still doesn’t grow, we should talk. If you’re finding yourself putting out fires with customers, balls being dropped, mistakes being made, we should talk.

If this sounds familiar, tell me more about your situation and we can have a chat.

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